ACC’s Football Reputation Continues to Falter (Rant Sports)

On Saturday four ACC teams played an opponent from the SEC and those four teams had a chance to change the national  perception of the ACC (some more than others), but each one of them only  reinforced the negative reputation of ACC football. In those four games Georgia  blew out Georgia  Tech, Vanderbilt  demolished Wake  Forest, Florida  beat Florida  State and South  Carolina showed us that Clemson  is still, well, Clemson. These four ACC teams had a chance to change the  conversation, but failed to do so and may have even done a bit more damage to an  already tarnished reputation.

A little over a decade ago, the ACC was one of the better conferences in  collegiate football. 12 years ago Florida State beat Virginia  Tech in the Sugar Bowl to win the BCS  National Championship, but it has been mostly downhill since then. The  Atlantic Coast Conference is now considered to be one of, if not the, worst  football conference of the “Big 6” and yes that includes the charred remains of  the Big East.


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